Venison and Bacon Cassoulet

A perfect winter warmer- easy to pop into the slow cooker and a great combo of flavours using the under rated shoulder meat.

Chunky venison stew with golden croutes

Chunky venison stew with golden croutes

Spicy partridge quesadilla with mango salsa

A delicious way to serve partridges with a Mexican twist- lovely fresh mango salsa, melted cheese and lightly spiced partridge inside a warm tortilla is perfect family food.

Venison rolls

Easy recipe for venison sausage rolls and sauce to accompany. Venison mince is readily available and can be substituted into so many dishes- its healthy and lean, make sure you buy British Wild venison for the best results.

Stuffed & Tipsy Baked Partridges

A one pot, Mediterranean style dish using partridge- perfect for a dinner party…

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Venison Lasagne

Venison Lasagne

Family favourite made even more special using quality wild venison mince.

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Ludlow Food Festival 2019 Game Cookery Masterclass

On the 14th and 15th September we will be at Ludlow Food Festival providing masterclasses on different game dishes. Set inside the historic castle at the original UK food festival we will show you how to make the most of the best local meat for the coming season....

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