Taste of Game Leaflets

Wild fallow Devon deer – Curtis Pitts Recipe by Elly Wentworth
Venison & pork sausages – Recipe by Tim Potter
Roasted venison loin – Curtis Pitts Recipe by Michael Nizzero
Venison Wellington – Curtis Pitts Recipe by Charlotte Vincent
Street Food Game – Tony Singh

Celebrity chef Tony Singh is full of brilliant game street food recipes and ideas. This leaflet is packed with a range of cuisines using the full array of our wonderful British game delivered in his own unique style and presentation.

Wild and British Venison recipes – Jose Souto

2020 venison recipe leaflet full of simple, home cooking recipes using British Wild Venison. Taste of Game food ambassador Jose Souto and renowned food photographer Steve Lee have teamed up again to create a wide range of useful tips and tasty recipes.

Hatfield Forest – Venison in Beer

Few ingredients required for this dish and such a simple method- a dark, full bodied beer is best used here for both cooking and enjoying with the resulting dish.

National Trust – Pan Fried Venison

A great marinade that can be used with lots of game- it works really well when using the bbq too. Always aim for medium rare with venison steaks, this ones perfect for summer.

Hatfield Forest – Muntjac Ragu

This dish can be made with any species but is particularly good with the sweet meat of muntjac. Overnight, slow cooking releases all the amazing flavours and leaves very tender meat.

Hatfield Forest – Jerk Venison Casserole

Jerk seasoning is a mix of warming and spicy flavours- it adds a lovely depth to a venison stew and the cheese dumplings can be popped in to finish the dish.

Hatfield Forest – Venison Steaks with Orange

National Trust’s Hatfield Forest venison recipe card.

Game Changer Recipe Booklet

These recipes are the winners of the gamechanger competition where students from around the UK were invited to enter their recipes and got to prepare them at Michelin starred restaurant Northcote under the guidance of renowned chef Lisa Allen. The students creation is impressive and shows off the many different ways game can be enjoyed.

Taste of Game Leaflet

Putting a wild twist on known and loved recipes.

National Trust – Venison Stew Recipe

There’s nothing like a hearty stew on a cold winter’s day. So, we’ve worked with the ‘Taste of Game’ to create this rich, warming supper that celebrates healthy, seasonal ingredients.

Glorious Grouse

For chefs and diners throughout the length and breadth of the united Kingdom, the beginning of August signals the start of the shooting season and the availability of glorious grouse is eagerly anticipated as it allows chefs a chance to prepare the king of game birds to grace their menus.

Glorious Grouse recipe leaflet

The 12th of August heralds the start of the game-shooting season in the UK, and what better way to start than with the glorious grouse.

The Great Game Guide

The Great Game Guide is an indispensable guide to the best places to eat game in the South West.

From gastropubs and neighbourhood bistros to Michelin-star restaurants and top-end hotels, chefs are using more and more seasonal game in their kitchens and this authoritative guide tells you exactly where to find it.

A simple guide to cooking game

Many people are put off game recipes which can be overly fussy and cheffy – they don’t have to be!

This leaflet aims to inspire you to cook game more often and show you just how simple and delicious it can be.