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Game was the theme of Brighton and Hove Food Festival this year when they partnered with Taste of Game. Over 42,000 people enjoyed a host of local produce and some great cookery demonstrations using game meat.

On the 6 & 7 September, our ‘Taste of Game’ branded kitchen was used for the live cooking demonstrations in the ‘live food show’ area. Over the weekend visitors saw 12 chefs, some from Michelin star restaurants, cooking a variety of game dishes (pigeon, partridge, wild bore, venison).  brighton h

A gala wine dinner at Hotel du Vin celebrated the abundance of seasonal game meats on the doorstep in Sussex on September 11th.

Hotel head-chef Rob Carr created a four-course menu including venison, rabbit and game birds.

Nick Mosley, director of the Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Festival, said: “We’re privileged in Sussex to have access to so much seasonal game meat, whether truly wild or estate-managed.

“Game meats are environmentally sustainable, leaner than most farmed meats, locally sourced – supporting huge swathes of our rural economy – and, most importantly, they taste really good. Brighton and Hove