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The first thing to note is your squirrel must be young – this can be checked by looking at the teeth, the older the squirrel the longer the teeth and the yellower they get. They need to be cooked for a long time to ensure they become tender. One squirrel is fairly large, it will feed two people

Squirrel Casserole

By Annette Woolcock Published: September 23, 2015

  • Yield: 2 Servings

A tasty and hearty casserole which is easy to make



  1. Crush the pumpkin seeds and garlic together with a pestle and mortar. Chop the olives in halves. Heat the oven to 180c/350/mark 4
  2. Heat the oil in a casserole dish over a medium heat. Roll the squirrel pieces in the flour mixed with salt to taste. Add the meat to the oil and brown on all sides
  3. Remove the meat from the casserole and deglaze the pan by adding the wine and bringing to the boil. Add the stock and bring to the boil and add the pumpkin and garlic paste, the chilli and onion. Mix well.
  4. Return the meat to the casserole dish and cook for 45 minutes. Add the olives and potatoes. Add further stock if required. Cook for a further hour. Rest for 10 minutes and serve with green beans.
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