A simple guide to cooking game has been produced by Taste of Game and the Wild Meat Company.

The guide includes short descriptions of game meats, their flavours and the best ways to cook them.

It includes a host of handy tips and outlines some of the benefits of game meat.Simple Guide

It also  features advice on cooking times and includes suggestions of fruits, herbs, spices and vegetables to accompany different game meats.

Annette Cole, Taste of Game development manager, said: “Many people are put off game recipes which can be overly fussy and cheffy – they don’t have to be. This leaflet aims to inspire you to cook game more often and show you just how simple and delicious it can be.”

Robert Gooch, co-founder of Wild Meat Company, said: “The changing fads of restaurant and TV chefs have certainly drawn attention to game but many people are intimidated by recipes that they think will be difficult to cook at home. We’re delighted to have teamed up with Taste of Game to produce this booklet which aims to demystify cooking game with some simple tips and recipe ideas which we hope will encourage people to cook and eat more game.”

The guide can be downloaded here: http://tasteofgame.org.uk/taste-of-game-leaflets/

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