The Oxford Blue – Description

In 1829 Tom Evans, of The Royal Horse Guards (The Blues – also known as the Oxford Blues), bought two gamekeepers’ cottages, and transformed them into The Oxford Blue pub. Fast forward to 2015 and now Steven Ellis (Chef Proprietor) has acquired The Oxford Blue. The property has undergone a magnificent transformation marrying the finest elements of tradition with modern practicalities and comfort. This provides the perfect relaxed environment for Steven to present his own unique version of traditional English fayre, with a special focus on Game.


The Oxford Blue’s ethos is to advocate animal welfare, its game-led menu avoids produce from intensive farming and promotes the natural food cycle, which in turn ensures it doesn’t contribute further to environmental damage through mass grazing.

Regular menus include The Gamekeepers Lunch which showcases the best of local game, The pub is nominated in the Eat Game Awards 2019 and chef Steven Ellis has also been nominated as ‘Best Chef regularly serving game’


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