New report shows demand for game meat continues to rise

THE latest research has shown sales of game meat in the UK rose 7.1 per cent to £105 million in 2015.

Mintel’s analysis in their Unprocessed Poultry and Red Meat report predicted the headline figure will increase to £145 million by 2021. (

According to the independent market researchers, sales of game have risen by 38 per cent since 2011, driven largely by increased retail availability and strong product development.

Annette Cole, Taste of Game development manager said: “This is great news for the game meat industry.  The report also shows that knowing how to cook the meat sways 41 per cent of choices made by buyers, which is why Taste of Game produces a simple guide to cooking game and new easy to cook recipe leaflets each year.

“They are given away free and any business can order them from us to encourage customers to buy game.”

Jose Souto, chef lecturer and author of “Venison – The Game Larder”, said: “Sustainable food and its provenance has become more and more important over the last few years. Chefs and the public want to know where their food comes from, how it was produced and if it a sustainable commodity; Game has all these things.

“Game birds can be traced to the estates where they were reared and harvested, deer can also be traced, in most instances to the field, woodland or hill.”

Mintel’s report also shows it is important that the industry continues to add value to game and develop new products.

Richard Hunt, Taste of Game chef, said: “To see a versatile and natural product such as game making its mark on today’s eating culture is great.

“The fact it is so healthy and with so many different cuts makes it a pleasure as a professional chef to be able to create such easy and tasty meals. Long may its growth continue.”

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