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  1. Matching it to the curriculum

Teaching about game brings to life many of the key concepts in the current curriculum

A set of 4 lessons with the theme of game might include:

Lesson 1 Introduction to game

Food Provenance

What is game?

Nutritional Analysis


Lesson 2 Preparing a whole Game bird Butchery Skills


Lesson 3 Preparing and cooking Pheasant Bruschetta Food preparation skills

Presentation skills

Recipe Adaption



Lesson plan 2  Year 10

Time: 1 hour

Lesson Title: Raise your game (Preparation of Whole Pheasant)

This lesson enables pupils to demonstrate higher level knife skills and food preparation skills when Butchering a Pheasant and breaking it down into usable cuts , i.e. raw game preparation. The pupils will review and evaluate their performance.

Please click here to download Lesson 2: [sdm_download id=”3660″ fancy=”0″ color=”black”]

Please click below to download (Student Worksheet) Understanding Ingredients – Pheasant Meatballs: [sdm_download id=”3671″ fancy=”0″ color=”black”]

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