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Ralph Skripek’s Early Summer Wood Pigeon



Early Summer Wood Pigeon

By TogAdmin Published: June 24, 2013

    Ralph Skripek's Early Summer Wood Pigeon    



    1. Season the wood pigeon breasts with salt & peppermil & wrap with pancetta.
    2. Pan fry in a little oil and butter, place in a pre-heated oven 180c for 5 mins.
    3. Heat the sloe gin in a small saucepan to boiling point.
    4. Add balsamic syrup, redcurrant jelly & simmer until slightly thickened and reduced.
    5. Remove the pigeon breasts from the pan, set on one side to rest.
    6. Add a little butter to the pan with thyme leaves and chopped red onion.
    7. In the same pan, brown one side of the bread, remove the bread and place on a plate.
    8. In the same pan, pan fry the oyster mushrooms, then spinach and lambs ear lettuce, season and place on top of the breaded croute.
    9. Pan fry any leftover pancetta until crispy.
    10. Warm the dressing & drizzle over the breaded croute.
    11. Slice the pigeon breasts and place on top of the spinach/ lambs leaves.
    12. Garnish with the crispy pancetta.