Jugged Hare Recipe

By TogAdmin Published: April 5, 2013



    1. Joint the hare and soak in the marinade for 36 hours. Dry the meat will and fry in the bacon fat.
    2. Place the hare in a large earthenware pot or casserole. Slice the carrot and celery and add these to the hare, together with the spices, seasoning, bouquet garni, rind and juice of the orange, 1 cupful of the marinade and enough stock to just cover the meat.
    3. Cover the pot tightly and cook in a slow oven for 3 ½ hours. Place the hare in a serving dish and keep warm. Strain the liquid from the casserole and thicken it with beurre manie until it is the consistency of thin cream.
    4. Remove the sauce from the heat and add several spoonsful of the sauce by degrees to the blood. Then pour it back carefully into the pan, together with the port and redcurrant jelly.
    5. Pour over the hare and reheat gently taking care not to allow it to boil. If necessary shake the casserole gently. Do not stir as this will break up the pieces of hare. The sauce should be smooth and rich. Serve with forcemeat balls fried in butter or deep fat.
    6. N.B. the essential part of this dish is that, after a long slow cooking, the sauce should be thickened with a blood liaison and enriched with port.
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