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The first available Grouse of the season are usually reserved for the restaurants & shops of the elite, but this year the supermarket chain Iceland is offering frozen birds from Scotland and Northern England for a fraction of the cost. Two birds will be available oven ready per pack, at a cost of £8.99. Whereas fresh birds from Harrods last year were being sold for £14.50 each.
Grouse have a rich game flavour, they are traditionally roasted whole for around 12 minutes and served with a fruit jelly or fruit sauce. The grouse available from Iceland will need to be defrosted overnight, poached in a pouch for 11-12 minutes and then pan seared in butter and oil & basted for a golden brown finish.grouse kezie 2 .jpg
On the glorious twelfth there is usually a race from the moorlands to the table, but even these frozen grouse will be limited to 12 packs per store. The grouse run alongside a speciality meat section in stores, with meats such as Wild Boar, Venison, Kangaroo, Ostrich and more.


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