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Having your geeseA limited amount of wild goose meat is available for people to buy through a licensed programme to reduce numbers of wild Greylag geese in Orkney, where a rapid increase in the resident population has led to significant agricultural damage. Normally wild goose meat cannot be sold. However, Scottish Natural Heritage has licensed the supervised sale of wild goose meat via retailers in Orkney as part of the scheme which is designed to encourage a viable population and sustainable harvest of the geese.

With its grass-based diet, the wild goose has a fuller flavour than its farmed counterpart. It has a darker, richer meat similar to that of wild duck. Flavour and fat content in the meat will depend on the diet and age of individual birds. For a delicious wild goose recipe from Scotland’s Natural Larder please click here……

Scotland’s Natural Larder is an initiative by Scottish Natural Heritage, reconnecting people with local and natural produce harvested or hunted, encouraging best practice and responsible use of natural food resources.

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