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Game Cookery Masterclass at Philleigh Way Cookery School

“Cornish cookery school teaches students how to make the best of what the countryside has to offer”

Next generation farmhouse cookery school, Philleigh Way turns its thoughts to game cookery now that autumn has well and truly arrived. Running through until January 2016, Philleigh Way’s game cookery course aims to demystify sourcing, preparing and cooking game and inspire people to cook more regularly with local ingredients that are so plentiful at this time of year.

At Philleigh Way, game has been reared, shot, stalked, cooked and eaten in all its various guises for as long as anyone cares to remember.  Aside from the commercially reared game such as pheasant, duck and partridge, the fields at Court Farm are teaming with an abundance of wild game including fallow and roe deer, rabbits, pigeon, woodcock and snipe, making Philleigh Way the perfect place to learn about game cookery first hand.

 Although eating game has seen a resurgence in recent years, many people remain intimidated by tackling a feathered brace of pheasants, pigeon, or a haunch of venison. On this hands-on day course, students will learn the skills and techniques necessary to become confident in both sourcing, preparing and cooking with a variety of game. Many of these skills have been passed down through the generations to Philleigh Way resident chef, George Pascoe who explained:

 “Cooking with game has always been a way of life here at Court Farm and we want to share the genuine satisfaction of transforming ingredients from field to fork. For us, game is an everyday ingredient throughout the winter months, but we know that many people are still daunted by the thought of buying and cooking game and therefore avoid it, which is such a shame. As it’s usually very lean, produces incredible flavours and is relatively inexpensive, game is a great ingredient for both your diet and your wallet. We’ll teach students butchery and skinning techniques, as well as a variety of simple yet impressive recipes – hopefully they’ll be inspired to make game a regular ingredient in their cooking.”

The next game cookery courses are being held Saturday 21st November and 30th January 2016 and costs £150.00. For more information see

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