Taste of Game crisps

bothcrisps300pxOur mission is to get more people eating game. So we have developed an idea to introduce the flavour of game to those who have not been tempted to eat game meat, by using Britain’s favourite snack – Crisps. Encouraging them to then go on and buy game meat and enjoy it as part of their healthy diet.

The two new flavours are:

Grouse and Whinberry


Smoked Pheasant and Wild Mushroom

From the concept of producing crisps to the final product it has been quite a journey. The goal from the start was very simple, quality, great looking crisps packed with game flavour.

For the packaging we used the rich colours taken from the colour of the birds and their natural habitat along with the sophisticated design you see here.

The packaging was very important as we wanted to convey a positive shooting conservation message to the consumer as well. So each packet features a picture of the bird’s natural habitat with a quote:

Pheasant back view crispsgrouse back view crisps

For the grouse and whinberry flavour a picture of purple heather moorland and a message which reads ‘Managed heather moorland is home to the red grouse. 75% of the world’s heather moorland is found in the UK. It is rarer than rainforest.’

And on the Smoked Pheasant and Wild Mushroom a winter woodland scene with the message ‘Management of hedges, fields and woodland for pheasants benefits threatened species such as dormouse, yellow hammer and grey partridge.’

We are selling the 40 gram packets of crisps in single flavour boxes of 24 on the Taste of Game website. The crisps have a shelf life of three months and payment should be made when ordering.

If you would like us to send you a flyer, please email: annette.cole@tasteofgame.org.uk


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