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Confit Duck Legs Recipe

By TogAdmin Published: April 4, 2013

  • Yield: 1 meal (4 Servings)

This is a classic French dish that we have speeded up without losing any of the flavour. It is the basis of a Cassoulet and also can be adapted to make Chinese duck pancakes by switching the French herbs for Chinese spices. The goose fat may be expensive, but it can be reused and reused, just strain and store in fridge or freezer until required again.



  1. Make sure the Achilles tendon is cut right through at the ankle so that the meat can shrink down, leaving a pretty bone for presentation. Once the thigh bone is removed, wrap the skin and meat around so that it is in a nice round.
  2. Lay out in a deep roasting tray and chop the thyme over the legs. Sprinkle liberally with salt (much more than you think you need; it is part of the preserving process) and pepper. Once the duck legs have been cooked, poor hot goose fat over them. The goose fat must be very hot, over 200o otherwise it will not be sterile and bacteria can breed. Following this procedure, the duck legs should keep in the fridge for 3 – 6 months. Allow to cool and store covered in the fat until required, when the legs can be removed and sprinkled with a few breadcrumbs and roasted in the oven until golden and piping hot.