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Here at the Chesil Smokery we care about sourcing our ingredients. Few rival the grouse for sustainability and flavour. smoked grouse Chessil

In terms of flavour little compares. Subtle but complex gamey flavour throughout the breast and slightly richer legs. Far more tender than a pheasant but with bags more taste, this really is the king of game birds.

‘We were shocked to see that no one was producing smoked grouse’ said founder Mark Firth. ‘After sourcing grouse shot on the Yorkshire Moors we set to work on a rigorous process of recipe testing. Brined and then hot smoked over a mix of Oak and Apple wood chippings we discovered something sublime. The grouse managed to retain all its succulence and colour whilst marrying the gamey flavours with rich wood smoke.’

During the shooting season our customers can’t get enough of our grouse. It’s been a mainstay of our present boxes since when we first started smoking it. Perfect packed away as part of a picnic or enjoyed as a starter with quince jelly and a full bodied claret.

However the enjoyment doesn’t have to end there. We thoroughly recommend boiling the leftover bones to make a delicious smokey gamey stock. If you have them on hand add a bay leaf, sliced carrot and a small stick of celery to the stock as it boils. Add it to the gravy for a Sunday roast or just put in the freezer for next time you need some real flavour!

The Chesil Smokery, The Old Laundry, Sea Road North, Bridport, Dorset DT6 3BD 

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